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Overall Rating. 7.16 / 10

Use the locked in payment option!

I have been with Family Energy for a fwe years but only recently started to use there program when you can lock your price in. What a great idea! I am much less stressed out knowing exactly how much money my bill is going to be every month – it makes a big difference in the winter!

Reaching out to he Community

I thought I was happy with my energy provider but When I got a knock at the door a few months ago I was surprised to find out how much more I could get out of my energy company. I’m happy Family Energy sends people out to let people like me know about green energy and other stuff so that we can...

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Part of the fam!

Family Energy has been so good to us, we really feel like we’re part of the family (as cheesy as that may sound!) they have always gone out of there ways to help us out when we need a hand and whenever I call in I always get the nicest people on the phone. We won’t be changing energy companies...

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Green power program

At this point in our lives it’s more important to spend our money on good things for the environment then it is to spend them on ourselves, right? And I think the first step is with the energy our homes consume because it’s such an easy change. I joined the green power program and definitely...

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Will I have to pay at the end of my contract?

I have been a customer of Family Energy for about a year now and while I like that I have been locked in to a fixed rate I still worry a little bit about what will happen at the end of my contract. You now, like if I’ll have to pay a big chunk at the end of the two year’s? I heard sometimes that...

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